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Frequently asked questions

Main Questions

What sort of Village is on the way into Painswick?

A retirement village

What is the name of the farm that demands good hygiene?

Washwell. The Name of a farm sign posted on the road is Washwell Farm.

What number trig point is it and how far is Cranham Common?

Trig Point Number: 4459 3KM to Cranham Common

What colourful end will you find in Cranham?

Rainbows End


What world famous museum and gallery has its own toilet humour in Painswick? A blue plaque reveals the famous Composer Charles Wlfred lived in a house here between which dates? What is behind the Falcon Inn and reportedly the oldest in England? Bowling Green Painswick has a big heart. What colour is it? Golden At Nutgrove house near the Pharmacy you will find this. What is the ‘Equation of Time’? What was erected and presumably ‘lit’ in 1904?


What is the image on the single wooden panel on the bird bath? What is behind the Falcon Inn and reportedly the oldest in England? Bowling Green The cross on top of the Church is named the Heal Cross. Whats the name of the person it’s named after? What are this type of stocks known as? Spectacle Stocks

What National Trust Property is here?


Colour of the Shop?



1. There has been murder on the dance floor!!!! Find the old village jail on George street to find the photo of Bex there. Also what is the date this jail was built? 2. What was once sold at Kilminsters? A: TEA 3. What type of photographer lives at the Court House? A: EQUESTRIAN 4. Who’s charging a ‘fee’ up Church Hill? A: DAISY 5. At the lych-gate who’s orientation is upside down when it comes to dog pooh? A: STROUD DISTRICT COUNCIL 6. At a bench next to the church, find out who lived in Bisley as a foster child and loved the village? A: 7. How many steps make up the Bisley Steps? A: 8. Who was the village black smith until 1963? A:

What comes first at the Beauty Room?

Head first

Whats blind coming down the hill?


Who's turning wood?

Dennis French


1. Lets hope Becca has, or had, with all the delays, this sorted for her big day. What does the White room sell? A: WEDDING DRESSES 2. Which animals are white and old? Lion & 3. What is the salary cap for the town crier? 4. Perhaps it’s just hot air but who is awarding Minchinhampton village of the Year? CALOR 5. There is an oddly coloured letter box. What does it recommend not to post? MONEY and JEWELLERY

What is the Yardage from the ladies tee on the 15th?


In Cherington what was rebuilt in 1829?

Coaching House

What time is the Sunday Service


What sort of marking is at the substation?


What colour scarf does the sheep have?


What are the names of the 2 fruity cottages?

Bramley Cottage and Plumpatch Cottage

Who has a Memorial near here?

William Folkes

What is for hall patrons only?



1. When was the murial near the bus stop painted? 2019 2. What colours are the balls of wall? 3. At Nailsworth fountain, what sort of Lawyer was William Smith? 4. Your time is up but find out when the clock tower was erected and find a final scroll at the base hidden in the flowers.