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Frequently asked questions

QU:1. If you haven’t “heard” yet, who’s at home at Ditcham Farm?

The Cherbury Herd

QU: 2. If you are ‘beyond elated’ where would you be along here?

CLOUD 10 - There is a sign near the road advertising the location of CLOUD 10, a cat hotel!!!!


1- There are 2 ‘Blue Morland' Signs around the centre of town. Which buildings are they on? THE OLD GEORGE & THE HORSE SHOE 2- Perhaps have a “sit down” to think about this. Which ladies team presented a piece of street furniture in memory of Marjorie Pollard? MIDLAND COUNTIES WOMENS HOCKEY ASSOCIATION 3- What’s the mosaic called in the centre of town? THE BAMPTON MILLENNIUM MOSAIC 4- The Talbit Hotel has what origins? 12th CENTURY 5- And for a ‘Flawless Finish’ what was this place called in the 19th century. HOLLOWAYS PRINTERS (BAMPTON STAMP OFFICE)

QU: 3. They seem ‘big enough to live in’ but what are the ‘attractive’ row of cottages called that you’re looking for here?

Model Cottages

QU: 4. If you’re getting the “majority share” of something in Alvescot, what colour would it be?

Red (Red Lion House)

QU: 5. When did Kencot first win best kept village in Oxfordshire?


QU:6. At Manor Farm, what star reaching feat of human engineering is standing in the window?

Space Rocket

QU:7. What’s new at Broadwell village library?

New Fiction Books: Thrillers, Crime & Mystery

QU:8. You are supposed to follow these instructions but what else are you being asked to follow here?

The Countryside Code

QU:9. It’s not for vegans, but what “local” produce is sold at Woollen Weavers?

Winstones Cotswold Icecream

QU:10 What associate of St. George appears to be sympathetic to the environment?

The Green Dragon

QU:11. What would you blow on hot but perhaps not cold along the road to Lechlade?

Street Food


Lizze maybe interested if she hasn’t sorted her dress out yet. Who should she call for a fitting? Danielle On the corner of St John Street, since when has the building been telling time? 1743 Find the Poets’ Shelleys Walk near Gods house. When did he write his poem about Lechlade in the Summer? 1815 To see one of the “big five” from a Safari when should you turn up at the New Inn Hotel? 2nd & 4th Thursday at 8pm What sort of Gnome home is under the Yew tree in the churchyard? A Happy one Some “money for your thoughts” to what bicycle am i referring to here? How many are there on the high street? Penny Farthing and there are 2 When was Half Penny “Bridge” Toll House built? 1792 What bathroom play mate is watching from a window? Rubber Ducks One might drink this but not with this body part. What am i referring to? Tea Chest There are many barges on the river here, but what allowed them to travel From London to Bristol for the forst time and when? Thames & Severn Canal 1789 When was the “old mans drinking vessel” built? Tankards was built in 1692 “Tom and Tabby” would be warm at night in Lechlade. What would they wear? Pjamas What seasonal event seems to be a permanent fixture in Lechlade? Christmas What’s white thats normally red? A postbox This 2009 reproduction is pretty good. Don't do this, you have a treasure trail to complete....What does it say not to do on Bell Lane? Loitering or Obstructing the Way

QU:12. Don’t be “scared”, but what sort of farm is along here?

Poultry Farm (Chicken!!)

QU:13. This would work great for ‘dinner’ with the previous answer? What am I referring to here?



1. Something supersonic lived in Fairford. What is it and when did it live here? CONCORD from 1969 to 1976 2. Flowers don’t normally live in this sort of ‘pot’!! What is it? Tea Pots 3. Aches and pains. Back problems? Who will sort you in Farford? Benjamin James Court 4. Drivers are wanted on Croft Lane. What is an essential requirement of the job? Imagination 5. Maurice is the pride of “F-’hare’-ford”. Who designed him? Freya Barlow 6. Who “rendered great service to Fairford” as Headmaster of Farmers Endowed School between 1921 to 1947? Herbert W Hedges

QU:15. ON YOUR FEET!! Mirror(s), mirror(s) on the cotswold stone wall, hang on thats not right, who’s the fairest of them all?

Annabel of course.

QU:16. Complete the quote from the centre of Coln St Aldwyns. “A laugh, a chat”.......?

"A Chair to Sit on"

QU:17. What kind of “green fingered man” is sat at the top of the hill in Hatherop?

Flower Pot Man

QU:19. There is only what I can best describe as a ‘dog service station’. What colour is the poop scoop?


QU:20. On a nicer note, I hope you’re doing this, but what does the Hatherop Estate say you should enjoy?

The Countryside

QU:21. Your time is almost up for finding answers and appropriately a clock is part of the final answer here. On the memorial in Westwell, where does the brass numeral come from?

Part of the Clock of Cloth Hall in Ypres

QU:18. I hope you’re not tired yet. How many tyres guard an entrance along here?

6 Tyres

QU:14. Keep ‘ploughing’ on. What colour is it here?

Blue There is a large plough on the wall of the pub facing you as you drive into Fairford.