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Answers to Lucy's Hen Do - Cotswold Discovery Trail - April 6th 2023




QU:1. What will you “discover” here? A: BIKES


QU:2. What two famous rivers give their name to this man-made waterway?



QU: 3. What sort of rare breed is at Butts Farm? A: PIGS


QU: 4. What is being claimed as “original” here? A: ARCHITECTURAL ANTIQUES


QU: 5. A famous interior designer lives in town. He’s also set up ‘shop’. Who is it? A: LAURENCE LLEWELYN BOWEN


QU: 6. According to a plinth in the market square who is credited with the earliest written record of Cirencester? A: PTOLOMY


QU: 7. What pickled delicacy might get things wagging? A: TONGUES


QU: 8. Who once lived at 19 Market Place? A: SIR WILLIAM LAWRENCE


QU: 9. What was the name of the Inn. That once stood on Castle Street? A: RAM INN


10. What is supposedly built around you on Black jack Street? A: THE GALLERY


11. Which famous rock drummer once performed around here? A: COZY POWELL


QU: 12. What piece of Roman architecture is signposted to visit up here? A:



QU:13. What is the height of the low bridge around here? A: 10feet


QU:14. Time is flying by. What other large things fly around here? A: AIRPLANES


QU:15. Other than the obvious answer to the previous question what else is rapid around here? A: RACKING


QU:16. A prequal to the movie ‘Saving Private Ryan’ might be on the cards here. Instead of Ryan who would it potentially be? A: GLEED (three people on the list of people who dies in WWI with that name).


QU:17. Who was the Rector of the church at the time the prequel would be set? A: WILLIAM PRESTON ANSLOW SOLE


QU:18. Pull into the village hall. Who was Caretaker there from 1994-2005? A: TED LEWIS


QU:19. Which notorious WWII German General has his name’s sake here? A: ROMMEL


QU:20 . What colour is the flag bearing man? A: GREEN


QU:21. Find the village noticeboard to ID who the churchwardens are?  A: RICHARD and JO


QU:22. What does the alternative route avoid that came up before? A: A LOW BRIDGE


QU:23. What theatre themed structure is amongst the buildings here?  A: WEST END HOUSE


QU:24. A plaque near the car park speaks of US forces staying in town during WWII. Who were they and what was their mission? A: 654th ENGINEER TOPOGRAPHIC BATTALION – CREATIUNG A £D SCALE MODEL OF OMAHA BEACH


QU:25. Who is Tetbury’s greatest benefactor? A: SIR WILLIAM ROMNEY


QU:26. What is the name of the GRADE I listed building? A: PORCH HOUSE


QU:27. What was sold in 1752? A: CHURCH HOUSE


QU:28. Who was the High Sheriff of Gloucester in 1653? A: RICHARD TALBOYS


QU:29. When was the last pint pulled at the Eight Bells? A: 1980


QU:30. What vegetable is sculpted from horseshoes? A: CARROT


QU:31. What sort of ‘hot’ project is taking place here A: RED PEPPER


QU:32. Recognised for its beauty, when did Shipton Moyne win Britain in Blooms competition A: 1987


QU:33. We have just had a new king of England but the very first of a newly formed united England, the Anglo Saxon King, Athelstan is buried in Malmsbury Abbey. He died in 939 CE. Who was his grandfather? A: ALFRED THE GREAT


QU:34. And so we know you went there and didn’t carve the previous answer from Google. When was the silver penny from Malmsbury near the king’s tomb minted? A:1042 AD


QU:35. What 600-year-old creation on display in the Abbey comes in 4 parts? A: THE MALMSBURY BIBLE


QU:36. Find the monk in meditation. When was he made? A: 2014


QU:37. What’s the MOT snowman made from? A: TYRES


QU:38. What animals wood is along here? A: BADGERS


QU:39. Who’s got the Horn? A: BULLOCK’S


QU:40. The Claire Balding look alike won’t be happy! What horse appears abandoned? A: VALE OF WHITE HORSE


QU:41. Lucy’s fiancée looks like a ‘stud’ but what stud is on the way out of Minty? A: SAMBOURNE


QU:42. You are on the home straight now and will be home soon to relax. What sort of showroom is offering something you would want to relax on back at your Waterside pad? A: SOFA SHOWROOM


QU:43. Perhaps like this treasure trail, how is the Brickyard described?



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