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Answers to Abi's Hen Do - Cotswold Discovery Trail - June 15th 2024



1 Cherbury Herd

2 Cloud 10 Cat Hotel

3 Model Cottages

4 Red (Red Lion House)

5 1962

6 Space Rocket

7 New Fiction Books 

8 Countryside Code

9 Sculpture

10 Green Dragon

11 Poultry Farm

12 Thyme

13 Blue


15 A chair to sit on

16 Flower pot man

17 6 tires

18 Grey

19 the countryside

20 The Cloth Hall at Ypres

21 Blue Cross

22 Thursday’s

23 RAF Police Dogs

24 Viscount 



There are 2 Blue Morland Signs around the centre of town. Which buildings are they on? A: THE HORSE SHOE & THE OLD FORGE

Perhaps have a "sit down" to think about this. Which ladies team presented a piece of street furniture in memory of Marjorie Pollard? A: MIDLAND COUNTIES WOMENS HOCKEY ASSOCIATION

What's the mosaic called in the centre of town? A: BAMPTON MILLENNIUM MOSAIC

The Talbit Hotel has what origins? A: 12th century origins

And for a 'Flawless Finish' what was this place called in the 19th century. A: HOLLOWAYS PRINTERS



 To see one of the big safari 5 when should you turn up at the New Inn Hotel? A: 2ND & 4TH THURSDAY AT 8PM

What sort of Gnome home is under the Yew tree in the churchyard? A: HAPPY

One can drink this but not with this body part? TEAPOT

There are many barges on the river here but allowed them to travel from London to Bristol for the first time and when?


When was the old mans drinking vessel built? A:1692

Tom and Tabby would be warm in winter here but what would they wear? A: PJAMAS

What seasonal event appears to be a permanent fixture? A: CHRISTMAS

From when was St Jon's St telling time. A: 1743

Who had 'sweet secrets' here? A: SHELLEY

Since when was Haltpenny Bridge collecting money? A: 1792

When was the toll to cross the bridge scrapped? A: 1839



Something supersonic lived in Fairtord. What is it and whendid it live here? A: CONCORD 1969-76.

Flowers don't normally live in this sort of 'pot' What is it? A: TEA POT

Aches, pains, back problems! Who will sort you out in Fairford? A: BENJAMIN JAMES COURT

Drivers are wanted on Croft Lane? What is an essential requirement of the job? A: IMAGINATION

Maurice is the pride of "F-hare-ford". Who designed him? A: FREYA BARLOW

Who "rendered great service to Fairford" as Headmaster of Farmers Endowed Schoolbetween 1921 to 1947? A: HERBERT W. HEDGES


What 2 'band" members were executed at the church during the English Civil War in 1649? A: CORNET THOMPSON, CORPORAL PERKINS & PRIVATE CHURCH

Which Earl built the Almshouses in 1457? A: EARL OF WARWICK

At the Tolsey what over 400 year old institution is commemorated? A: BURFORD GRAMMER SCHOOL

What happened on Sheep Street in 1792? A: NOTHING

Who lived along here that worked with Queen Elizabeth I? A: SIR LAWRENCE TANFIELD

What did J.W. Robertson Scott create here? A: The COUNTRYMAN

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