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How it Works


This is a 'day out delivered to your door' Well, more than one day as we have written two trails, one in the north & one in the south Cotswolds designed to complete in a car and structured around recommended stops where you explore on foot. Order your trail pack and it will arrive in the post in a few days.




The trail pack fits through your letter box and will arrive in a branded, sealed brown manila envelope. Inside are 2 trail maps, 2 x copies of the kids Cotswold challenge, 2 copies of the local logo challenge. 3 x pens, a pad of paper, a compass, UV light, car stickers and an introduction letter.




Follow the directions & answer the clues on the maps to navigate the trails and discover the Cotswolds. Each trail takes a day to complete with a total drive time between 2-3 hours. Start by 10am, continue at a steady pace and finish by 5-6pm. A relaxed stop for lunch is accommodated for. You can of course take longer if you want.



There are multiple start points to choose from around each circular route. Finish where you start, close to where you live or are staying. Start points are marked by postcodes on the maps with full instructions of how to get there.


Delivery of the Trail pack is free. If you're traveling from abroad let us know the address of your accommodation in the 


and we will ensure your trail pack is there upon your arrival.

Our trail maps are your companion and guide. There are directions to follow on the map as you move around the trails.

The maps are packed full of interesting information to read and uncover as you meet new places on the trails

Discover more about your surroundings by uncovering the answers to the trail questions at each of the major stops on the routes.


Gather a group of friends & family and set a date for a discovery trail. 2-4 people in a car is ideal.

We have designed the Cotswold Discovery Trail to encourage exploring the outdoors, learn about the Cotswolds and to be 'SCREEN FREE', using real maps.

The only time you need to use connected devices is to check your location or route. The maps are fully navigable but you can check your location by scanning a QR code, which will take you to a google map of the route.

Download a Free QR code app from your favoured app store now and test this QR code.

North route Google map link.png

The trail pack also includes The Kids Cotswolds Challenge. Designed for families with younger children, pictures of many classic Cotswold features are represented which they have to spot on the way round and mark on their own map. 

We have also made The Local Logo Challenge. We have selected a number of logo's from local organisations you can spot from the car or on foot with their text removed, but the essence of the logo remaining. You have to identify who they belong to and fill in the black spaces.

Questions and clues are there for you to answer on the route to observe from the car and also at each stop where you explore on foot. 

Many of the questions are designed to use the maps themselves where they have to be folded in certain ways, different light sources used to reveal clues or the maps used in conjunction with physical features you need to find at certain locations. 

Your answers can be filled in on the maps themselves using the spaces provided.

The answers can be found on a hidden page on this website. The details of how to access it will be in your trail pack. 

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