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Hopefully today has been great fun for all so here is the chance to compare how you've all done for the bragging rights.....





1. There’s a bit of ‘solid excitement’ about which agricultural location? A: BUZZARD FARM


2. What is there no facility for in Taynton? A: TURNING


3. One house’s namesake is music royalty. What’s it called A: THE HOLLIES


4. What are you being warned not to do? ‘Think Gambling insights for insects’ A: FLY TIPPING


5. At Aldsworth what restful place might give you a hug? A: THE SHERBOURNE ARMS


6. The ‘Beautiful Game’ is “open to all” but what else is? A: THE BAR




7. On Church Road what was donated by Arthur Chisman? A: ​GATE TO THE CHURCH

8. Arlington Row was purchased by who in 1929? (Perhaps Isabelle’s ‘artisitic’ talent will lead her here one day). A: ROYAL SOCIETY OF ARTS


9. The Rack Isle is managed under what scheme? A: ​COUNtRYSIDE STEWARDSHIP SCHEME


10. What is the only thing allowed through the wooden gates? A:  WILDLIFE


11. On the way out of Bibury where did a Blacksmith once work? A: THE OLD FORGE


12. No one likes getting this, but perhaps you would if you stayed here too long! A: THE BOOT






13. According to a plinth in the market square who is credited with the earliest written record of Cirencester? A: PTOLMY


14. What pickled delicacy might get things ‘wagging’? A: TONGUE


15. Who once lived at 19 Market Place? A: WILLIAM LAWRENCE


16. What should Dunstall House actually have been called? A: GUNSTOOL HOUSE


17. Perhaps a good location for a Dad’s Army spin off? Who was Headquartered at the Barracks in WWII? A: CIRENCESTER HOME GUARD


18. What sort of ‘gathers’ were based in Coxwell Street? A: WOOL


19. Who’s been ‘meeting’ since 1673 A: QUAKERS





20. Who built St Thomas’s Hospital  in the 15th Century? A: SIR WILLIAM NOTTINGHAM


21. On this ornately carved building what are the other towns? CHELTENHAM, STROUD, REDDITCH & STOW on the WOLD 


22. What was the name of the Inn that once stood on Castle Street? A: THE RAM INN


23. What is supposedly built around you on Black jack Street? A: THE GALLERY


24. Which famous rock drummer once performed around here? A: COZY POWELL


25. When was number 7 on Park Street repaired? A: 2006


26. Formerly 23 Park Street was what? A: HENRY TANNERS CHAPEL


27. When were the Tontime Buildings constructed? A: 1802


28. What’s open May to early September? A: OPEN AIR SWIMMING POOL


29. Which fruit has been pedestrianised here? They might go well with Madison and Isabelle’s icecream from Jeni’s. BLACKBERRIES


30. Which Lord of the Rings character lives along here? A: PIPPIN


31. OYF: It’s probably not big enough for Isabelle and Chris’s wedding but when was ‘access’ improved to the black & white chapel? A: 2014


32. How many Stables are here? A: 40


33. OYF: When is the Pitman Brook Path closed? A: TUESDAYS





34. Something supersonic lived in Fairford. What is it and when did it live here? A: CONCORD 1969-76


35. Flowers normally live in a vase, perhaps like Isabelle and Lauren’s matching tattoo’s, this sort of ‘pot’ is different. What is it?


36. Aches, pains, back problems! Who will sort you out in Fairford? A: BENJAMIN JAMES COURT


37. Drivers are wanted on Croft Lane? What is an essential requirement of the job? A:  IMAGINATION


38. Maurice is the pride of “F-hare-ford”. Who designed him? A: FREYA BARLOW

39. Who “rendered great service to Fairford” as Headmaster of Farmers Endowed School between 1921 to 1947? A: 



40. What type of ‘Board’ has a ‘centre’ of activity along here? A: PADDLE


41. It’s no lie, but what is being fabricated along here? A:STEEL


42. What’s the missing initial? A: N



43. To see one of the big safari 5 when should you turn up at the New Inn Hotel? A: 2ND & 4TH THURSDAY AT 8PM


44. What sort of Gnome home is under the Yew tree in the churchyard? A: HAPPY 


45. One can drink this but not with this body part? A: TEA CHEST


46. There are many barges on the river here but allowed them to travel from London to Bristol for the first time and when?  A: THE THAMES & SEVERN CANAL - 1789


47. When was the old mans drinking vessel built? A: 1692


48. Tom, Tabby and Luna (Isabelle’s adopted Cat) would be warm in winter here but what would they wear? A: PJAMAS


49. What seasonal event appears to be a permanent fixture? A: CHRISTMAS


50. From when was St Jon’s Street telling time. A: 1743


51. Who had ‘sweet secrets’ here? A: SHELLEY


52. Since when was Halfpenny Bridge collecting money? A: 1792


53. When was the toll to cross the bridge scrapped? A: 1839


54. It maybe hot air but who sponsored the 2007 award for the village? A: CALOR


55. Which cunning creature should you believe in? A: FOX TRUST


56. Where does theatre meet agriculture? A: WEST END FARM


57. Identify the ‘angry colour’? A: BLUE CROSS





58. What 2 ‘band’ members were executed at the church during the English Civil War in 1649? A: CORNET THOMPSON, CORPORAL PERKINS & PRIVATE CHURCH


59. Which Earl built the Almshouses in 1457? A: EARL OF WARWICK


60. At the Tolsey what over 400 year old institution is commemorated? A: BURFORD GRAMMER SCHOOL


61. What happened on Sheep Street in 1792? A: NOTHING


62. Who lived along here that worked with Queen Elizabeth I? A: SIR LAWRENCE TANFIELD


63. What did J.W. Robertson Scott create here? A: COUNTRYMAN 


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