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Answers to Laura's Hen Do - Cotswold Discovery Trail - September 16th 2023



QU1. This building doesn’t look anywhere near this old, but what’s the date below the ‘black horse’? A: 1677


QU2. Where would some of our feline friends come to stay? A: HILL VIEW BOARDING CATTERY


QU3. Presumably you can make nosegays and bouquets in this drafty building? What am I referring to? A: THE FLOWER BARN



All very closely located around the centre of the village


QU4. What’s the date of the village school building? A: 1876


QU5. What’s the number of lions on the old pub sign? A: 10


QU6. What’s the colour of the chair the teddy bear is sat on at the ‘Ark’? A: GREEN


QU7. There are a number of ‘thatch’ animals. What sort and how many of each? A: 3 hares (2 locations) 3 foxes, 4 ducks


QU8. What’s the colour of the roof on the children’s playhouse? A: GREEN


QU9. Just across the border to Gloucestershire what body of water lends its name to an address? A: POND HOUSE


QU10. What’s the missing initial? Think famous British sports car. A: G


QU11. Date the building opposite the communication devise? A: 1901




QU12. What can’t you do overnight here? A: STAY


QU13. Who is the hill named after? A: CAPT ROBERT DOVER


QU14. Find the Trig point on top of the hill with the engraving on top. It’s not as far west as Houston, Texas where Laura visits her brother often, but what hills are due west and how far away are they? A: MALVERN HILLS 23 miles


QU15. FOR THOSE 3 TEAMS THAT DON’T HAVE LAURA IN THEM. You are likely to need her help...... There are 3 wooden benches scattered across the hill top. Each has a picture of Laura hidden beneath it. Find one and bring her in the team.


QU16. Where’s good for posh camping? A CAMPDEN YURTS


QU17. What sort of ‘fighter’ is being recruited here? A: FIRE FIGHTERS




QU18. Chipping Campden is full of sundials but when did modern time presumably start here? A: 1880


QU19. Find the acorn National Trust symbol as part of a memorial on the floor. Which famous author and poet does it point to? A: TS ELIOT


QU20. At Ivy House which British icon is guarding the door? A: BULLDOG


QU21. When were the new street lights installed in Chipping Campden? A: 1994


Qu22. What animal is above the door at Wood Staplers Hall? A: BEE


QU23. Who was born at Davis House and spent his life hunting plants in the East? A: ERNEST H WILSON


QU24. What is 100 miles long and begins and ends in Chipping Campden? A: COTSWOLD WAY


QU25. What slow mover is crawling up the town sign? A: SNAIL


QU26. Which nocturnal animal has a hall in town? A: BADGER


QU27. Try not to do this to the locals. What are you warned about not to cause other in the Market Hall? A: ANNOYANCE


QU28. Sundial House Interiors has been telling time since when? A: 1647


QU29. What colour dragons are in town? A: GREEN


QU30. Where might you put yourself forward for free labour? A: VOLUNTEER INN




QU31. Which animals are you asked to be mindfull of that live here? A: DEER


QU32. Which RAF base saw one of its aircraft crash land here? A: RAF HONEYBOURNE


QU33. What type of telescope is near the tower? A: TALKING


QU34. Beyond being on a fun day out, why should you be smiling? A: YOU'RE ON CCTV


with the help of the scroll map found at Chipping Campden the answers should be easier to find.


QU35. What is specifically prohibited in the church grounds? A: A PICNIC


QU36. There is a dangerous what in the village? A: CORNER


QU37. One entrance to the church has a certain type of gate. What is it and when was it made? A: BIRD GATE, 2000


QU38. Around the church there were once 4 “old” village services. What are they? A: POST OFFICE, BARN, SHOP & FORGE


QU39. There is a face in the wall at what location? A: LYBROOK FARMHOUSE




QU40. Let’s get a measure of how old he buildings are in Broadway. How old is the building the Indian restaurant is in? A: 1450


QU41. I think this is St Patrick. How many snakes is he dealing with? A: 4


QU42. There is a large clock with a time capsule in it. When is it due to be opened? A: NOV 2047


QU43. The “Man Cave” is at home at which famous authors ‘house’? A: DICKINS


QU44. Who should you ‘believe’ in to restore street furniture in Broadway? A: THE BROADWAY TRUST


QU45. Which national walking route finished in Broadway? A: WYCHAVON WAY


QU46. If you’re a particularly messy eater this agricultural location is for you? A: BIBBSWORTH FARM


QU47. What’s liable to happen along here? A: FLOODING


QU48. A ‘flatulant’ farm the wrong side of the wind? A: DOWNRIP FARM


QU49. An old shop sign, not as old as the first question but related. What were they offering? A: SHOEING AND GENERAL SMITHS

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