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Hopefully today has been great fun for all so here is the chance to compare how you've all done for the bragging rights.....






What was John Pittaway’s occupation? IRONMONGER

To see one of the big safari 5 when should you turn up at The George? A: 2ND TUESDAY AT 7:30PM?

Having found the safari animals find the commemoration for a man who helped found them ? A: BRIAN WESTON


Who founded the cottage hospital in 1842? RICHARD BADGER

Which number of Sheep Street would you have ince been able to place a bet? A: 15 (THE OLD BOOKIES)

What famous science fiction character has been ‘Gnomeified’? A: THE TERMINATOR


The former Quaker meeting house was built when? 1685

These were certainly not around then, but the air ambulance charity shop is home in a building built when? A: 1703

What ‘lovely’ shape are the bike racks near the church? A: HEART


When was the Baptist Church Chapel built? 1867

Appropriate I suppose this ‘Gold’ award is on the bank. When was it won? A: 2008

The timepiece installed in 1995 commemorates what? A: 50 YEARS SINCE THE END OF WWII


What did John Hart establish in 1731? THE SHIPSTON PLUSH WEAVING INDUSTRY

They say you need to learn nots for sailing. How many knitted boats are at the town council? A: 3

Who is licenced to sell intoxicating liquor at the Coach and Horses ? A: Mrs S SAMPSON & MRS S MORSE


When was the building that was the Bell Inn built? 1713

The captain of the England cricket team is likely to live where in town? A: STOKES HOUSE

What’s the max height at the Horseshoe? A: 8’ 6”



QU:1. Portobello Farm is a lifestyle what? A: EMPORIUM


QU:2. 'Caution' what might be on the road? A: MUD


QU: 3. What colour is the pump at pump cottage? A: WHITE


QU: 4. Close by, what is eyeing up the owl on the roof? A: DRAGON


QU: 5. How many hares are running up around there too? A: TWO


QU: 6. How much for half a dozen? A: £3


QU: 7. When can you come and give bowling a go? A: MONDAY NIGHTS FROM 6pm


QU: 8. Keep a look out for the ancient vehicle cleaning structure. What's it called? A: CART WASH



QU: 9. What starts and end in Chipping Campden that is 100 miles long? A: THE COTSWOLD WAY


QU: 10. What colour are the dragons in Chipping Campden? A: GREEN


QU: 11. It’s a town with many sundials, but when did modern time keeping come to Chipping Campden? A: 1880


QU: 12. What restaurant is associated with the masonic lodge? A: DA LUIGI BISTRO


QU: 13. On the village sign what slow mover is cast in its construction? A: A SNAIL


QU:14. Where might you put yourself forward for free labour? A: THE VOLUNTEER


QU:15. Tris loves to snowboard, a sport which first entered a global sports comp in 1998, the year of your dress code today, What's that comp called here? A: THE OLIMPICK


QU:16. A saintly name has a farm around here. Let's hope they know more about looking after livestock than Tris. Who is it? A: PETER



QU:17. Which animals are you asked to be mindfull of that live here? A: DEER


QU: 18. Which RAF base saw one of its aircraft crash land here? A: RAF HONEYBOURNE


QU: 19. What type of telescope is near the tower? A: TALKING TELESCOPE



QU:20. Beyond being on a fun day out, why should you be smiling? A: YOU'RE ON CCTV


QU:21. What is specifically prohibited in the church grounds? A: PICNICKING


QU:22. There is a dangerous what in the village? A:CORNER


QU:23. One entrance to the church has a certain type of gate. What is it and when was it made? A: BIRD GATE , 2000


QU:24. Around the church there were once 4 “old” village services. What are they? A: POST OFFICE, BARN, FORGE & SHOP



QU:25. What's the "distance" of Upton Wold? A: FAR


QU:26. What's checked regularly around here? A: SPEED


QU:27. What competition has Bourton-on-the-Hill won? A: BLEDISCOE CUP


QU:28. Perhaps one of the few places Rosi and Tris have not lived. What's the high flying southern capital? A: WELLINGTON




QU: 29. Who celebrated thier 60th year in the Cotswold back in 1992? A: T.N HILL & SON


QU:30. When was the old police station built? A: 1897


QU: 31. Who sells fossils in town? A: JON FOX


QU: 32. Which famous author visited the Bell Inn? A: TOLKEIN


QU: 33. Who is collector of the “Undermentioned Tolls? A: LORD of THE MANOR F. PAGE

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